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Part of our history

Inspired by close friends who have been entrepreneurs for decades, the ideas for own business began already at the age of 15.

But it would take many years before the ideas became reality and the first step towards a "real" company was taken. After planning and thinking for just over 5 years and with my sights set on where I wanted to start, it was enough and the first investment was made in the spring of 2019, on a small scale without any thought of what it would lead to. The purchase of equipment to be able to read and write the ecu was made and it was not many months before the realization of the limitations took effect and another piece of equipment was purchased.

Knowing what we wanted to do, how we would start and how the development in the future would look like, my partner and I have carefully chosen the opportunities for new equipment purchases, the move to our current workshop and our directions to match the market's and our interests.
The result is now that we have a very good basis for being able to reprogram most vehicles and also expand the business within the vehicle side in the future.

With good equipment, knowledge and with the customer's wishes in focus, we are sure that we have the right basic idea to succeed in the long run

The start was engine optimization

In the spring of 2019, it was officially Liljaz engine optimization that saw the light of day with a focus on engine optimization to increase power, drivability and lower fuel consumption.

We have since expanded this with, among other things, software for A-tractors, Service workshop for passenger cars, car audio and complete tire and rim packages.

Suddenly didn't feel as relevant anymore and it became long and hard to remember.
Therefore, we supplemented with a name that has the possibility of a slightly wider area and is easier to remember, but which still clearly shows that it is connected with the basic ideas from Liljaz engine optimization.

In the spring of 2022, we took over and created LILJAZ.SE

Why choose us?


We try to adapt as much as possible to the customer's possibilities when booking regarding time, date and place.


For us, it's not work, it's a lifestyle.
As a result, we can sometimes seem unusually committed to our customers and what we do.

Customer satisfaction in focus

Satisfied customers are high on the priority list.
Therefore, we will do what we can to ensure that you get what you expected before, during and after the end of the work.

Jesper Lilja


Owner / Software Developer / Technician


Bollnäs / Gävleborg

Vehicle technician / Installer of software



Sociala medier/Reklam/Administration